2024 Mashpee Farmers Market Rules and RegulationsPrivacy Policy

General Information

·      All vendors will grow, produce or make their own items in Massachusetts or other parts of New England. Cheese, honey and maple syrup must be made from the producer’s homegrown resources. Bakers must produce their own baked goods and should use best efforts to source ingredients locally. On a case by case basis and at its total discretion, the Mashpee Farmers Market (MFM) may allow vendors to offer items for sale on behalf of other local producers who would otherwise comply with this section (“supply producers”). Labeling of product and signage must clearly indicate the supply producer.

·      Naukabout and Lemonadio will oversee the market and will determine if vendors can be part of the Mashpee Farmers Market to ensure an appropriate mix of products in the space available. 

·      The Mashpee Farmers Market is run by Naukabout Beer Garden and Lemonadio. The individual designated Market Manager by the MFM is responsible for all activities at the market; all vendors will comply with their requests. Vendors who do not comply with market rules and Market Manager requests will be subject to dismissal from the market at the sole discretion of the Mashpee Farmers Market.

Applications, Vendor Fees, Permits and Insurance

·      All vendors, both new and returning, will submit an application to the Farmers Market and include all items to be sold at the market. Only approved items can be sold at the market.

·      Vendors are accepted first come first serve. The market limits the number of vendors of similar types of products.

·      Each vendor must sign a statement that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the Mashpee Farmers Market.

·      Health and sanitation are priorities at the Mashpee Farmers Market. Vendors bringing items to market from a supply producer will ensure that all relevant permits are obtained relating to those items. All vendors will adhere to all federal and state health regulations, subject to oversight Mashpeema.gov .

Once your application to be a vendor at the market has been approved, you must submit the following:

o   If you plan to sell processed foods (such as jams, baked goods, or ready to eat food), you must secure a health permit (an additional fee) from the Town of Mashpee 3 weeks prior to attending the market. Contact info for Board of Health: Mashpee Board of Health, mashpeema.gov

o   (for processed food vendors) email a copy of their Residential, Commercial or Wholesale Kitchen Permit to the Market Manager

o   If you are certified organic, please include a copy of your certification*

o   A minimum deposit of 3 weeks of vendor fees (or payment in full if attending less than 3 weeks) is required for all vendors and must be paid within 2 weeks of your application being approved. This deposit holds your spot at the market and will be used toward payment of your vendor fees. If you fail to send in your deposit, you risk losing your spot. For vendors paying in full or paying in installments, your partial or full payment for the market is due one month before the market start date. Checks should be made payable to “Mashpee Farmers Market. 

o   Proof of general liability insurance* is required for all vendors selling items for human or pet consumption, anything applied to any part of the body of a human or pet and flammable items. This is not a complete list. Proof of general liability insurance may be required for vendors of other products.

o   Insurance Waiver* (for artists and makers only) Artists and Makers may attend the market as long as they sign a waiver. This exception applies only to vendors who will not sell, give away or sample: candy or food items, anything edible for pets, items to be put on pets or the human body including but not limited to lotion, oils, hair care, perfume, soap, cosmetics and lip balm. Waivers are located on the Mashpee Farmers Market Website

·      Vendor fees are used to pay for market licensing and insurance, market management, advertising and promotions, and special events at the market. Vendors must be current on paying vendor fees.

·      All vendors will allow the market to use their business names, logos, and other public information in print and electronic advertising and other promotions for the benefit of the market.

At The Market

·      The market will be held Sundays from 11-3pm beginning May 25, 2024 and ending October 13, 2024. 

·      All vendors are expected to attend every week for which they have registered.

·      It is extremely important that you call the Market Manager if you are unable to attend in a particular week. Vendors who do not attend on days for which they have registered, without approval by the Market Manager, may be subject to full vendor fees and excluded from future market days, at the sole discretion of Farmers Market staff.

·      Vendors may not cancel because of inclement weather. Only in the event of severe weather conditions will we cancel the market. Should this happen, the Market Manager will contact vendors the morning of the market to notify them. 

·      Market setup locations will be assigned by the Market Manager. Displays must be kept within space allotted and maintained to ensure public access.

·      Vendors provide their own tables, chairs, tents and must have tent weights. Tent stakes are not allowed. Colorful signage, tablecloths and pleasing displays are encouraged. 

·      Vendors are responsible to clean their areas and remove all trash at the end of the market day. Please sort trash from recyclables in the appropriate containers provided.

·      The market will carry liability insurance for personal injury coverage.

·      All vendors will arrive within the hour (please, no earlier) before the market opens to set up their space in an inviting way. Our liability policy only covers specific hours for setup, operation, and breakdown. 

·       All vendors will wait until 3pm before any sales are made. This allows healthy competition on a level playing field between market vendors as well as customers. You should plan to bring sufficient products to remain open for business until the close of the market at 6pm.

·      All items offered for sale shall be clearly labeled and priced. Prices may not change after the market has opened for the day. This includes end-of-day “deals” to dump product. 

·      All items must be of the highest quality or must be clearly marked as “seconds.”

·      Produce may be measured and sold by the pound, bunch, piece, or measured container and must be marked with appropriate signage.

·      All scales should have a current seal from the Department of Weights and Measures.

·      All prepared foods must be under cover, may not be handled with bare hands, and must have an ingredient label, an address of origin, and a net weight, according to MA regulations. Perishable items, including but not limited to meat, eggs, and dairy products, must be maintained in an appropriately chilled container, subject to approval and inspection by the health inspector. 

·      To ensure sanitary conditions, hand washing stations will be located at the market.

·      Vendors must keep their hands clean at all times, including washing them after using the restroom and smoking.

·      All vendors will agree to an on-site visit by the Market Manager or other market representative, if requested. This visit is meant to help anticipate your inventory, observe crops, and to help with promoting each vendor and the market as a whole.

·      To protect the meaning of the word “organic” you may only label your produce organic if you are certified organic. You are encouraged to discuss your organic practices with your customers, so they know how your food is raised.

·      No smoking anywhere at or near the market. 

·      The market may participate in the Farmers Market Coupon Program. All vendors with eligible produce and foods should be aware of coupon guidelines, and should contact David Webber, Program Coordinator at 617-626-1754 to be certified to receive WIC and SENIOR coupons. Every effort should be made to assist coupon holders to select fresh, nutritious food.

·      No plastic single use plastic bags. The Town of Mashpee has a plastic bag ban. Farmers can use plastic “produce” bags.Should you need additional information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: MashpeeFarmersMarket.cominfo@mashpeefarmersmarket.com or contact Stephanie at 774-205-4634